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Our Proven 9-Step Employee Outplacement Process

Our outplacement employment services are designed to help companies like yours find new jobs for displaced workers quickly. We provide unique, personalized assistance at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. Whether it's a downsized manager looking at career transition, or an experienced high-level leader in need of senior executive outplacement, Garfinkle Outplacement Services' one-on-one support moves workers quickly through the job search process, in many cases securing new positions 40 to 60 percent faster than more conventional approaches.

Our program, developed over many years of successfully serving employees in transition, motivates clients to focus on the most important steps to finding a new job in the shortest period of time. Our individualized coaching helps all type of employees, including managers in need of senior executive outplacement. We help clients:

  • Survive (and thrive) during the job transition
  • Target the exact role, industry and job they most want
  • Avoid the mistakes almost every job seeker makes
  • Craft a result-driven resume that gets them the job
  • Unleash the power of networking
  • Win the interview game
  • Choose the right offer
  • Negotiate top salary
  • Hit the ground running on your new job

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Why Choose Our Outplacement Employment Services?

Job seekers need training, coaching, honest feedback and support. Fancy frills like private offices, gourmet coffee and unlimited clerical support will not help your valued employees transition to meaningful, remunerative employment. By investing in individuals, not overhead, you'll achieve superior results in less time.

Here are just a few of the reasons working with Garfinkle Outplacement Services will produce the results your workers deserve:

  • We're priced lower than the large, national firms.
  • Our personalized, customized approach is designed to meet the specific needs of each client.
  • We emphasize one-on-one coaching and counseling, not time consuming and unproductive group work.
  • Our proven 9-Step Program gets the optimum results in the shortest amount of time.
  • We focus on networking, the most effective way of finding a new job.

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The Employee Outplacement Package

Unlike other firms, our job search coaches build strong relationships with their clients. The connections they forge benefit both the individual and the job search process. It's important to keep in mind that even to the senior executive outplacement can be a daunting process. Coaches ensure the process flows smoothly by working closely with clients to develop personal strategies and goals. They provide encouragement, direction and counsel to help clients overcome the perils and pitfalls of their career transition, every step of the way. Each of our clients receives:

  • Three sixty-minute telephone coaching sessions per month.
  • Immediate, just-in-time support via the telephone Monday through Friday for any time-sensitive issues.
  • Unlimited email support Monday-Friday. Response time within 24 hours.
  • Access to all of Joel's development tools and learning resources to help with your job search, including his book, "Job Searching Made Easy: A Practical Guide and Process for Finding the Job You Need Fast (208 pages)."
  • A safe, honest and confidential relationship.

We commend companies committed to helping workers transition to new employment. It would be our privilege to support both you and your employees in the effort to secure an exciting and bright future. Please contact us today.


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